Living Lite St. Louis

Thank you for your interest in Living Lite Hypnosis Weight Loss!

During this fun and educational class, you will learn to focus the incredible power of your mind - in a way you never have before - on simply altering a few key habits, seeing yourself in a new way, and changing your priorities.

"Your class was life changing. So far I have lost over 30 pounds, and still shedding weight off daily."
- Melanie

As a result, you will find it pretty easy to:

• Eat less;
• Eat healthier;
• Move your body more
• Feel your feelings instead of eat them

We hear from previous attendees all the time, reporting losses of 10-50 pounds or more without feeling like they are struggling through a diet!  They find it easy and natural, and they are keeping that weight off!!

We will have 4 hypnosis sessions during the class. At the end, you will be able to drop into a deeply relaxed state very quickly. In fact, I will teach you to find that wonderfully deep and relaxed feeling on your own any time you want to enjoy a quick mental vacation!

"I use your instant relaxation technique all the time when dealing with my teenage son."
- Lorna

Wear warm, comfortable clothes. You may even bring a small blanket, pillow or yoga mat!  Expect to have some fun and lose weight!


Classes begin promptly.  Please be on time!

You will receive one FREE "Stress Reduction" CD which retails for $24.95 on the Living Lite Website!

See you there!

Keith Haddrill


PS - We will need to see your pre-paid voucher either printed or on your smart phone. (Your voucher is what you received from a coupon company like Groupon.  If you are purchasing your registration directly through us, please bring your confirmation or I.D.)

Go to LivingLite national website

About our venue change:
If you have purchased a prepaid voucher from an online coupon service, like Groupon, you were told that our classes are held at either the Tropicana Bowling Center or at the Greensfelder Recreation Complex at Queeny Park.  Starting with our December 1st class, most of our classes will be held at the Best Western Kirkwood Inn and the Holiday Inn Express in Maryland Heights.  We feel these new locations are better, more comfortable venues for you.  We are also looking for a simlar location on the Illinois side of the river.  Thank you!


The above classes are the last public classes we will offer until further notice!  If you have a Groupon, Living Social or Amazon Local voucher that is not yet expired, and you are absolutely unable to attend these classes, please call us at 636-527-7335.

We are now offering The Living Lite Hypnosis Weight Loss Class to companies wanting to save money on their healthcare costs.

We have many people drive as much as 3 hours each way to attend our St. Louis area classes, so if the location closest to you doesn't not offer times that work for you, consider taking a little drive to the other location.

Thank you!

Your coupon voucher is good at ANY St. Louis area location, no matter what your voucher says otherwise.

Emailed 11/20/2012:

Hey Keith,

I attended your hypnosis class on weight loss on October 24, 2012. For years now I have gradually been putting on the pounds and struggled with numerous weigh loss programs in which I would have varying degrees of success. Since the 24th I have lost a total of 21 lbs and I'm still going strong. I give your hypnosis skill all the credit. I can say that I have not once felt like I am on a diet. It is really hard to put a fine point on what is attitude, maybe. Maybe it was your hypnotic suggestion to change my focus on food to all the other more important things in my life. Whatever it is, it is working and I am very thankful.

Keep up the good work and I thank you so much for what you have done.


Joel Vickery